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The Search for the Pink Puppy

The Search for the Pink Puppy.  I used to try and find the ‘perfect’ present for my child to give his or her friend for their birthday. Now my daughter is old enough that she loves to pick out her own gift and I feel a bit ‘let off the hook’ trying to come up with what a six year old boy might be interested in. This weekend Katie is attending a birthday party. When I asked her what she wanted to get her friend she replied “she REALLY wants a pink puppy…or a pongo stick”. Well I’m not sure if a ‘pongo stick’ is actually a pogo stick, but regardless I figured it would be way easier to find a stuffed pink puppy. Right? So off we go in search. I find pink elephants, pink frogs, pink pigs, pink bunnies, pink owls, pink bears, pretty much any and all animals you can imagine except for a pink puppy. Four stores later I am running out of time and at a loss. My kids are tired and hungry, I can’t find a darn pink puppy for the life of me and my daughter is still determined that a pink puppy is the only suitable gift for her friend. As we are leaving the fourth store I miraculously stumble upon one of those build your own stuffed animals places and voila – not one but TWO different pink puppies to chose from. Couldn’t get better than that right? So with a giant smile on my face I point out the puppies to my daughter. She eyes them up and declares “hmmm, I think I just want to get her a Lalaloopsy Girl instead”. Sigh…

Go!…Go NOW!  This is a famous line in our household. I’m the kind of person who loves being organized. It keeps me sane and our family on track. But once in awhile I fall off the bandwagon, and when I do, it usually ends up in a moment like this.

A few years back I emerged one evening from our bedroom in my pjs, no make-up, hair in a messy-bun, glasses on – you get the picture. Ready to veg on the couch, watch some tv, do a little work and then go to bed.  My husband looked at me precariously and said “Don’t you have to go to the airport to pick-up your friends?” A look of sheer terror crossed my face. I looked at myself, looked at him and shouted “Go!, Go NOW!”  And off he ran to pick them up.

Last night we repeated such scenario.  My husband and I were sitting on the couch watch tv when he suddenly turned to me and said “were you going to pick up Katie from Sparks or I am?” I said “you, I’m tired” but then to my horror I looked at the clock just as he uttered to the words “what time is it over”?  Which evoked my famous line “Go!…Go NOW”! as it was currently about 1 minute after pick-up time.

A Bit of Gratitude.  Today I am grateful for a good night’s sleep.  Something most parents can attest to as being hard to come by.  Typically my kids are great sleepers.  You put them to bed, they go to sleep, no complaints. But lately they’ve been waking up in the night – nightmares, covers falling off, the reasons seem endless.  This week I’ve got a head cold and have been on an emotional roller-coaster worrying about a dear friend. So sleep in any form is needed and welcome. My kids also wake up early but I’ve been trying hard to convince them both to stay in their rooms and play until the respectable hour of 7am.  This has been a struggle as my son, whose internal clock wakes him up at 6:15am every day, has been getting up at 5:15am since the time change.   But last night not a peep from either of them!  This morning I am very grateful that I had a good night’s sleep and didn’t wake up until my son came bouncing in my room declaring “Mommy it’s 7!”

Until I write again…

x Shay


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