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I’ll Just Have to See Your I.D.

I’ll Just Have to See Your I.D. It’s funny how when you are in your early twenties and someone asks you for I.D. you are seriously insulted. “How Dare They!” you think. But when you are in your thirties you are so flattered. “Why yes, you can see my I.D., you’ve made my day!”.  I was out for lunch with my husband on our anniversary. This was a rare meal where we were not only eating lunch after 11:30am but we were also eating lunch without our two kids. I originally ordered a soft drink. My husband was surprised and asked me why I hadn’t ordered a beer? He said “you’ve put up with me for seven years, you at least deserve an alcoholic drink at lunch!” So away I ordered and it was then that I heard those sweet magical words “I’ll just have to see your I.D.” Best anniversary gift so far!

What Was I Thinking? First I grabbed the handle on my frying pan to discover it was burning hot. Then while I was running my hand under cool water I thought “I’m thirsty, maybe I’ll just shove my head under the tap and take a drink while I’m waiting for my hand to cool down”. Next thing you know I’ve got water up my nose followed by me choking and then spitting water all over my kitchen. Just one of those days…

A Thought to Ponder. I love reading something that really makes you think and sticks with you throughout the day or even throughout the years. So I thought I would post a few of my favourite quotes now and then. Here is one I read the other day “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything”.

A Load a Day Keeps Your Laundry At Bay.   For years I have struggled with laundry. For some reason getting dirty laundry from the hamper to the washer, then to the dryer, then to the closet seems like an impossible task. Here is what my laundry life used to look like: I start a load of laundry but then forget about it. So the next day I have to re-wash the clothes as they have sat in the washing machine all day.  When clothes finally make to the dryer they also tend to stay there. I may pull out an item or two but leave the rest of the clothes.  Eventually I will pull out the clothes but then leave them in a heap in a laundry basket. Over time I’ve got dirty clothes falling out of my laundry hamper and piles of clean clothes falling out of my laundry baskets. The end result being that I can no longer distinguish clean clothes from dirty clothes so I just end up re-washing everything. My bedroom floor is covered in clothes. I know some people like to spend their Saturdays doing laundry but that’s not for me. A bed full of clothes to be put away just depresses me and I’m way more likely to move them onto the floor or into a laundry basket to do “later”, than to spend the time to put them all away before bed. So what then? While on my pursuit of happiness I came across a method of keeping on top of your laundry. Do one load a day. Sounds too simple right? Well if you’ve just read what my laundry life used to look like, let me tell you what’s it’s like now. Before I make breakfast I look at what laundry bin is the fullest and I throw that load into the wash. At some point in the day I throw that load into the dryer. And some point before bed I put it away. There is rarely a day I don’t do laundry. And rarely a time that clothes are left in the washing machine or dryer.  Since I’ve started this method I can honestly say that I no longer mind doing laundry.  I mean how long does it really take to put away just ONE load of laundry – 5 minutes? No more tripping over clothes on the way to the bathroom. No more digging around the pile of clothes on the floor in search of the shirt you wanted to wear tonight and then trying to decide if it’s clean enough to put on. Give this method a try. It’s certainly made my life happier. Might just work for you too.

A Bit of Gratitude.  Today I am grateful for good friends.  The ones who check up on you to make sure you are ok. The ones who send those emails or leave messages saying “just thinking of you”. The ones who say time and time and again “if you need anything, please let me know” – because they really mean it. I’m truly blessed to have such amazing friends!


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