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Little Monkeys

Little Monkeys. When my daughter was in preschool some of her friends were able to get across the monkey bars. As hard as she tried, she just couldn’t do it. We spent all summer at her future elementary school playground practising on the monkey bars and rings. Some days she would get to one or two but no more. Despite her lack of success he never gave up. On her first day of Kindergarten I picked her up and she asked if we could play at the playground. And wouldn’t you know it, she showed me how she had mastered the rings. Now she spends most of her recess time and after school on them. She’s likes going backwards and is now trying two at a time. While she’s busy on the monkey bars, her brother is busy climbing. If it goes up, so does he. I often act as a safety rope by standing right beneath him in fear that he is going to fall but most times he’s just fine. He’s only two. I figure by the time he hits Kindergarten he’s going to be doing acrobatics from the top of the equipment.

A Bit of Gratitude.  Here we are and it’s nearly December. I may have written this before, but it’s a quote that’s close to my heart. “The Days are Long but the Years are Short”. Nothing can be truer when it comes to your children. My son loves to cuddle. He constantly says “I cuddle with Mommy!” He loves me to carry him around and to cuddle on the couch. There are times when I’m too busy for cuddles. When I’m rushing to make dinner or to get us out the door for school. I do not enjoy having to say “I’m sorry, Mommy can’t cuddle with you right now”. But I do cherish the times when we can cuddle.  I know not too long from now he’s not going to ask to be picked up. He won’t want to cuddle. Maybe not even to kiss or hug me goodbye. Because in a blink of an eye he’s going to be taller than me and running out the door to go play soccer with his friends. So for now I am grateful for the all the cuddles I can fit into our busy day.

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