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Family Traditions

Family Traditions.  My favourite memories when I think back to my childhood often involve our family’s traditions. My mom was the best when it came to making holidays extra special.  She always made a special heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s.  We dyed eggs at Easter and went searching for our hidden Easter baskets.  For Halloween she made ghost cookies which we got to decorate and baked pumpkin seeds.  Each holiday was full of delightful fun for the family. Traditions are fun. As children, we look forward to repeating them each year. My mom once made an omlet type dish for Christmas morning , instead of her traditional eggs benedict. We were devastated!  We still give her a hard time about that one!

Now that I’m grown up, I love to passing on these traditions to my own children as well as starting new ones.  My friend Tracey once shared how her and her sister always received new pajamas on Christmas Eve and now she does this with her kids. I love this idea and have added this as one of our Christmas traditions. Last year my husband and I joined in on the new pajamas and I got us all one-piece pajamas with the feet and all.

My brother’s family plays a game called “hide the pickle” where everyone frantically searches the tree on Christmas morning in search of the prized “pickle” ornament. The winner gets a prize and of course bragging rights. We’ve also adopted this tradition and a few more that I’ve picked up over the years.  This year I am going to start a new tradition – Elf on a Shelf. A friend of mine told me about it a few years back and see that it’s now growing in popularity on Pinterest. It’s funny how excited I get at sharing these traditions with my kids. I hope that they enjoy them as much as I do and will pass them on to their own families some day.  Do you have any holiday traditions that you love? If so, I’d love to hear them.

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