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Down She Goes

Down She Goes. This morning as I was walking my daughter to school she decided to go into a full-out sprint. When you are five it is very important to be the first in line. So it’s always a mad dash to her classroom door. Today she veered off course a bit and instead of taking the path, she went took the grass route. Unfortunately as she gained speed, she lost her footing and went knees first into a big grassy wet mud puddle. Tears were a plenty as we limped the remaining way to school. Fortunately I keep an extra set of clothes in her backpack so were able to change out of the wet muddy ones. Her boots and mittens were another story. There was no way they would be clean or dry by recess so off I raced back home to get new boots and mittens. And back to school again with another set of clothes for her backpack (because who knows what the day may bring). I ended up spending the morning in her Kindergarten class helping out the teacher. So although the morning started off a mess, it ended up being pretty fun.

Is it 8:00pm Yet?  My girlfriend texted me asking if we were still meeting up for drinks tonight. My response was “the only question is, what time are you picking me up?” I didn’t even ask if she would mind driving. I just informed her she would be. This day has been full of moments where I just had to stop and take a deep breath. Now all I want to do is stop and take a big gulp of wine. Here are some of the day’s highlights: my son dropped a snow globe on our hardwood; my daughter knocked over a drink ruining her birthday invitations; my son cut a hole in the middle of his Captain America costume; and my daughter had a massive nosebleed all over the supper table.  It’s been one of those days. But my husband is home now and in a few short hours I will be out the door enjoying an evening with some friends.  Then I get to do it all over again tomorrow.  And I wouldn’t trade in any of it!

Until I write again…



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