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The Dinner Dilemma

The Dinner Dilemma. I am sitting here writing this post trying to remember what I was going to write when all I can really think about is how unbelievably stubborn my two-year old son is. I know I had a couple of entertaining stories but unfortunately my mind is in a battle of wills with my son. He is currently sitting in his high chair (he normally sits in a regular chair, but his refusal to sit at the table properly has landed him in the high chair) and refusing to eat his dinner. All I want is for him to try his food. Just one bite. One little, bitty, teeny, tiny bite. But no. He’s refusing. And so he sits. We’ve had issues with him eating new foods for the last year. Once upon a time he was a good eater. I could pretty much blend up whatever we were having for dinner and he would eat it. Then he got a mind of his own and it’s been a battle ever since. I’ve read countless books, tried many strategies (eliminating snacks, making food into fun designs, the airplane game, letting him help make supper, letting him chose the food to put on his plate, offering a treat if he eats his supper, etc etc etc.) but nothing seems to work. So here we sit. A battle of wills I guess. It’s a simple rule in our house, you have to try one bit of everything. If you don’t like it, no big deal, you don’t have to eat it. But I also won’t make you something else for dinner. Normally I just give the kids whatever we are having but a plainer version.  Tonight, for instance, I made stir fry. I gave the kids small portions of everything, but plain without the sauce. He’s usually given in by now and tried his food. Guess tonight he’s seeing how far my patience will go. His sister and dad our currently enjoying a movie in the other room while we sit.  Oh goodness, he’s actually nodding off. I just saw his head do the droop down and jerk back.  He’s literally bored himself to sleep.

Until I write again…



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