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A Few of my Favourite Things

A Few of my Favourite Things. One of my favourite things about being a Mom are the moments when my kids do something that total surprises me and makes me laugh, smile or just shake my head. My son will often make goofy faces for no other reason than to make us  laugh. It’s one of my favourite things about him. Right now my daughter is really into super heroes. The other night I sent her to put on her pajamas. Just when I was about to get annoyed because she was taking so long she appeared she wearing her pjs…and a super hero mask and then proceeded to show me her best “moves”.  Reason number 2013 that I lover her so much!

What it Means to be Six. My daughter turned six a couple of weeks ago. What does it mean to be six? It means you eat your lunch at school. Every day. I am seriously shocked to open her lunch bag now. I used to be lucky to find one bite of a granola bar eaten. I had been so concerned about it I actually had a meeting with her teachers.  Suddenly her lunch bag is coming home empty.

Turning six also mean you have a sudden urge to try new foods. I don’t consider my daughter a picky eater by any means, she doesn’t like food mixed together, but she eats a good variety including veggies. However, asking her to try new foods never goes over well. She will reluctantly take one bite and sometimes even like it but she is never one to get excited about the prospect of trying something new. But apparently turning six changes everything. We were eating super the other day and she reached over and stole a piece of spinach off my plate. I was so shocked I wasn’t sure what to think. She not only ate it, she said it was good and asked for more and then ate the rest of the week.  Who is this strange child? And does this mean there is hope for my son in three years?

Can Superman Really Fly? This morning as we were waiting for my daughter’s bell to ring at school, I was watching my son on the swings. He is too little to sit on them like the big kids but he loves to lay on his stomach and pretend to “fly like Superman”. This morning it was a bit nippy out and I guess the swing was a bit slippery because one minute he was pretending to fly like Superman and the next minute he was flying…face first into the rocks. Yikes! A face full of blood but luckily it resulted in nothing more than a little cut on his lip and a few scratches on his face. Of course within minutes of me cleaning him up he asked if he could go back on the swings. Boys!

Then there’s my daughter. First day of Kindergarten she mastered the rings. Soon after it was the monkey bars. The last month she has been trying to figure out these spinning circle things. There are three circles high up in the air that spin and you have to swing from one to the next. Hard to describe, but even harder for a six-year old to conquer. Today after another failed attempt she stomped over to me and declared “all the boys in grade one can do it and I just can’t figure out why I can’t” I reminded her that she was in Kindergarten and that after some practice she had conquered everything else on the playground so it was likely only a matter of time before she figured these out too. Well wouldn’t you know it, her next attempt (which I just happened to video tape) and bam. She did it. She was just beaming!

Hooked on Phonics.  My daughter has taken to reading her own story at bedtime. Although her reading skills are quite remarkable, she does read slowly and it can take her quite awhile to get through a story. Which is fine if you are Mom or Dad because you are proud and want to encourage the reading. But when you are her two-year old brother who has almost no attention span, it turns story time into a rather long drawn-out and perhaps painful experience. After one too many nights of Jack simply giving up and either asking to go to bed or going off to play by himself, we’ve figured out that it might be better to read them both a story and then put Jack to bed before letting Katie read a story herself. 

Speaking of Katie reading, the other day she declared (seemingly out of nowhere) that she was going to read Jack “Green Eggs and Ham” because it is a story about a guy who does not like to eat food but by the end of the book he likes food, so if she reads the story to Jack, then it will make him start to like new foods too! So she sat down and tried to read it to him. Even followed him into the bathroom and into the car (it’s a long book). So cute. If only it were that simple.

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