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“Actually…” No I am not quoting Oscar from the Office, I’m actually quoting my two-year old son Jack. 

Me “Jack would you like some peanut butter toast?”

Jack “Actually, I want a peanut butter sandwich”

Me “Jack, can you please put on our winter boots”

Jack “Actually I want to wear my rubber boots”

I’m not sure where he picked this up as I don’t think either myself or my husband say “actually” very often but who knows. It’s pretty funny and cute and just another reason he makes me smile every day.

Good Reads. There is something so wonderful about reading a good book. Getting swept up in the story. Losing track of time as you read through page after page. Reading a quick as you can at the beginning of a book because you are dying to find out what happens and then reading ever so slowly at the end, taking in every word because you don’t want it to end. Staying up so late that you find yourself re-reading the same sentence over and over again as the words begin to blur together. I just finished reading “Love Anthony” by Lisa Genova. It was one of those books. A beautiful story that touched my heart. Books like this are the reasons I often put down and don’t finish books. I just can’t read a book that doesn’t capture my interest right away because I feel like I am missing out on so many others. I currently have a pile of books beside my bed waiting to read. Since having kids I find I can only get through a few pages before my eyelids are heavy and I’m off to sleep. But I still make sure to crack open a book every night and every once in awhile I find a gem that has me huddled in the corner, trying to read a few more pages while the kids are cleaning up their toys or brushing teeth.

Until I write again…



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