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Secret Option (C)

Secret Option (C).  Today I made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch for myself and my two-year old son. It’s one of the few things he, most often, is willing to eat. If it was up to him he would live on peanut butter sandwiches but I do like to try to throw in a little variety. So after I prepared our glamorous lunch, I cut his sandwich into little tiny squares (because that’s the ONLY way he will eat them) and then presented him with his lunch. He took one look at his lunch and proceeded to yell, scream, cry and generally put up a big complaint about the grilled cheese. In the end, he decided that the was NOT going to eat his sandwich. I informed him that he had a choice, he could chose to (a) eat the grilled cheese or (b) he could go hungry but I wasn’t making him anything else. So he chose secret option (c). If you are not aware of secret option (c), it’s the option that my kids always come up with when I give them a choice. A secret option that I had not presented them. In this case secret option (c) refers to MY grilled cheese sandwich. That’s right, my grilled cheese was much more appealing than his….hmph. Apparently cutting my sandwich in half was the key to making him happy today. Who knew. Fine, I offered to trade him. He was happy. I was happy – until he licked the entire outside of my sandwich and then asked to trade back. Yeah, I don’t think so. He has now torn my sandwich into a million small pieces and is eating both our sandwiches. You know when I signed up to be a parent, I imagined a lot of things. But not moments like this, lol. I guess I am off to the kitchen to make myself another sandwich. 

Until I write again…



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