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The New Healthy Me

Question: How would you feel if you accepted your body exactly as it is today. Size. Shape. Wrinkles and all.

That is a question I asked myself one year ago today. My answer? Freeing! I’ve spent the last year loving myself. The scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, weight I see on the scale, hairs that grow out of my chin (ok maybe not those) and all. It’s been a year of loving who I am and being a strong, confident and healthy example for my daughter.

How I Got Here. Let me explain how I got here. A year ago today I reached weight loss goal of 68 pounds. Weight that I had gained over my two pregnancies. My decision to lose the weight started after I read a book called The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It was a launching pad for me to make several changes in my life to lead me to a much happier existence.

Losing It. I am very proud of how I lost the weight. I didn’t go on any crazy diet or starve myself. I just made some very positive lifestyle choices which is why I believe I’ve been successful in keep the weight off. The big secret to my success? Eat less, more often; and move more.

Today. Today it’s been a year and I’ve maintained that weight loss and more importantly a healthy and loving mind set. I read that approximately 70% of people who lose weight gain it all back within three years.

The Future. For me the last year has been all about being happy with who I am. That’s a hard thing for women to do. To just accept yourself the way you look and be happy with that. But if I’m not happy with the person I see in the mirror what is my daughter learning from me. I want her to grow up confident and healthy and to make informed decisions about food and exercise. She used to see me skipping meals and eating junk food. I’m happy that now she watches me make a healthy smoothie for breakfast and sees me eating my veggies at dinner. We also love to dance together, play at the park and go for walks. I love the new healthier me and I hope that she’s sees that and grows up to love herself and all her imperfections.

Until I write again…


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