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Tackling Those Nagging Tasks

Tackling Those Nagging Tasks. Are there tasks in your life that you are continually putting off. Tasks that nag at you because you know you know you should have done them ages ago? Well that’s been my goal this week. My list is long so I picked the ones that bother me the most. The idea was that I wouldn’t take on more I could chew. I would only work on each task for a short time each day – for me it was about 30 minutes. I figured I could find 30 minutes in my day and I would just keep working on each one until it was completed and then go on to the next task. My tasks included things like cleaning up my car and cleaning the spare bedroom. Both of those are areas that drive me nuts. My car is not organized and is a wasteland for papers, toys, lost mittens, and dropped and stepped on fishy crackers. My car is such a disaster that when I open the door to let out my kids, I pray no one is walking by and looking in. Completely embarrassing. So that was my task on Monday. The task was actually easier than I thought and while I tidied, my son happily drew with chalk and played in the dirt. My car is now neat, tidy and I am much much happier. Cleaning the car is one thing, but keeping it clean is the key to my happiness. My new goal is to clean up the car after I get home each day. The crazy thing is that it probably takes 2 minutes tops to grab whatever items the kids or I have left in the car and take a quick handheld vacuum to clean up any messes. Voila. My car has been kept clean, I am no longer embarrassed when the van door opens and my happiness level has gotten a boost! Goal accomplished. I suggest everyone do this. Start small. But tackle the items that are bugging you the most. Make a plan. Keep it manageable and then just do it! A weight will be lifted off your shoulders and I bet it will take less time than you think.

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