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In the blink of an eye

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How is it that in a blink of an eye my 3 year old can create such a giant mess? His destruction is so quiet and quick I can only think to compare it to a magician’s trick. You think you are watching him close enough but all the while he has a slight of hand that you don’t see until it’s too late.

As I’m brushing my teeth this morning my son comes into my bathroom, and rather than saying “good morning Mommy” as I hoped, the first words out his mouth are “I’m so sorry Mommy. I’m so sorry”. Hmmmm, this simply can’t be good. What could he have done that he has started the day out by apologizing. I mean, he couldn’t have been awake for more than five minutes because I just checked on him and he was sleeping. So we venture into his bedroom where he shows me what he has done. He has gotten ahold of a brand new box of band-aids and therein remain no band-aids. Ok, it’s not as bad as it could have been. I can handle this. Just take a deep them and dive in. But I am on a time crunch in the morning so I quickly explain why what he did was wrong and get him to help clean-up the giant mess. He has managed to shred the band-aid wrappers into a million pieces and scatter them all over his room. He has also stuck the band-aids themselves onto his bedding, carpet, toys and furniture. Who needs a shower to wake you up at when you’ve got a three year-old.

This all comes on the heels of my son making a giant mess of the books at our local library and me getting a heart sinking, horribly embarrassing, scolding from the librarian. You see I love the library. I love to read and I love that I can go to library and get books for free. It’s my happy place. I take the kids at least once a week. And up until yesterday, its always been a fun, yet calm, adventure. Well yesterday was an adventure, of sorts. I was sitting in the kids section as my son and his friend were picking out books. They would pick a book, bring it to me and then run back to find another one. I never thought twice of it. My only concern was that they weren’t being loud or running. A short while into their selections, the librarian came over and asked me if “these two boys belonged to me?” “Yes” I replied with uncertainty in my voice. Apparently the boys had dumped all the books off two of the shelves and made a giant mess all over the floor. The librarian gave me a scolding (politely) for not watching the boys as diligently as I should have been. It was one of those horrifying moments where I just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide. I had the boys clean up all the books and apologize all the while trying to explain that we come here regularly and they are always so good. Unfortunately this seemed to fall on deaf ears as she firmly pointed out that had I been watching them closer this could have been prevented and now she had to find someone to re-shelve all the books which was a very time consuming task. As I walked back to gather the our stuff, I felt all the eyes of the other parents upon me. I’ve never wanted to leave a venue so quickly. But then a mom approached me and said “I just want you to know that I think you handled that very well. I know you are embarrassed but they are just young boys and we all make mistakes sometimes”. I could have hugged her. I took a deep breath, told myself I made a mistake but that’s ok. I think we all learned a lesson. And even though I left red-faced, I kept my head held high.

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